Carroll's 55th Street


Larry G. plays lead on Scotty's birthday as Trister is out of town.

This was a week that Trister was out of town and I was there to assume the lead guitar roles, which is always fun for me no matter how disturbing it may be for others. I had my usually feelings of total inadequacy as I attempted to play a few leads. We played 17 songs and that was a nice chunck to accomplish. It was Scotty's Birthday show and it was up to him to pick the songs for the night and no one was there to take that responsibility from him. As far as guests we had a few including Stu, Ken Levine and his son JB. It's always great to have guests and we held them hostage as we decided to play a 4 song medley in G before they were able to make their ways out of the studio. Jimmy was on vacation and I had a pulled pork sandwich from Daisy Mae's prior to the jam. I highly recommend that place (46th and 11th) for anyone who is into the non-Kosher thing.