Carroll's 55th Street


We celebrate Trister's birthday with a jam

It was Trister's birthday and it was also the day before the 10-year anniversary of Jerry's death or the "Deadcade" as we called it, so there was a lot to celebrate and a lot to remember and be thankful for. Since it was his birthday, Andy picked all the songs of the night as the time came, to what you would expect to be the chagrin of Kevin, but at least the first set was pretty standard Dead fare. We ended the night with what was to be a Playing in the Band that never materialized into the song, just a jam but it was hot nevertheless. That went right into a Brokedown to end the night, just after our allotted 12:00 midnight stopping time. Speaking of Brokedown, in the world the Space Shuttle Discovery was scheduled to land after being grounded for many month after the last shuttle disintegrated on re-entry, so the question wasn't when the ship was going to land, but in how many piece it was going to land. The weather was cool and moist, with a little sprits of water which was a relief from the hot, humid and hazy days we had been having the past few weeks.