Coffee-Boy House


The Coffee-Boy Syosset Memorial Day Party and Jam

It was the first Coffee-Boy Syosset jam for Deadstein and it was a fun party and jam in his backyard.  For the first time in a long time there were several guests including a whole party's worth.  On the stage joining us for a good chunk of the second set was John.  Singing a few songs and playing acoustic through his Marshall amp.

A big thank you to Mitch and Marna for putting on a great party.  It seemed as if the rain was gonna put a damper on the whole party all week but it really held out by just enough and proved to be a perfectly beautiful day.  Sunny and comfortable and the smallest amount of rain that could rain fell on us while we were playing the first set but the fact it fell from a cloud that way already past us gave us the confidence that the weather was on our side.

There was lots of people, kids, dogs food and song.  That makes for a great memorial Day afternoon in 2005.  We actually played until 10:00, way into the dark so that was pretty cool