Carroll's 55th Street


Brotman's friend Jodie from high school fills in for a missing Coffee-Boy at Caroll's

Coffee couldn't make it with us this week so we missed his wise cracks, coffee, drumming and good looks, well maybe not his good looks.  What we really missed from him was his minidisk recorder.  This prompted me to bring back the 24 track multi-track recorder and do am almost full tracking of everything.  First of all we were at Carroll's and the room was good and we had the good PA system. I miced each guitar, took a direct from the bass, took insert outs of the mixing board for the vocals and piano and had a kick mic on each drum set and used the stereo Rode mic to record the combo of both drum sets.  While the room was set up for recording, it was different that the typical in that Kevin's amp was against the back wall facing the drum instead of in between the two kits.  One day, hopefully we will hear the recording.

As far as guests we had the Deadstein debut of Jodie from Philadelphia.  He was one of Rich's childhood, high school friends who was kind enough and cool enough to make the trek from southern NJ to meet up with the Deadstein experience in NJ.  Him and Scott had differing styles where Scott is more about the laid back, slow and steady approach to the finish line where Jodie was more about the quick burst of energy to push the music along.  Together they left us with a drum sound somewhere in the middle. Jodie only stayed for the first set cause he had a jazz gig to do the next night so he had to get home and in addition, get the sound of Deadstein morass out of his head before his jazz compatriots kill him.

The weather was very nice outside and Little Jimmy can't wait to get out of Carroll's because he can't stand the temptation of high school jazz girls coming on to him.