Deadstein reconvening at Ultrasound on W. 30th.

Wow a month and a half without a posting.  That's not good.  Nevertheless, we were all on some type of vacation and getting together was really hard. There was at least one jam downtown that I missed and have no reporting on except I hear Trister's showed up, so if you want it posted write up the details.

It's been a tough summer to keep going.  Not having a home and being without a plan has putting on fragile footings, but it appears as if the spring drought is over.  Alan and JB were clutch enough to bring us into their studio when needed and to accompany the evolving Deadstein experience into a new beginning.  With Carroll's opening up again at their new location and the consistency in schedule that the fall tends to bring, lets wait and see what the rest of the year has to offer.  Hopefully Carroll's sounds good and we are happy.  One things for sure, we are becoming more resourceful.

This week's come back had us in the music building at 251 W 30th Street.  It was the infamous UltraSound with all their silly policies.  We never played there before but it was a good experience.  The "guy" was cool, the guys in the hallway were cool and it all worked out.

The had the 10 boutique amps in the room and they all worked well.  Unfortunately, they had no Fenders.  Nevertheless, what they had were pretty good.  I played the Mesa rectifier and it was good enough although I did take the opportunity try the Matchless as well as one of the Marshals.  They had the PA locked but it worked great and sounded just fine, so no big deal.  I think everyone was at least not pissed at what they had.

Alan sat in as Trister couldn't make it and from note one of the Jack Straw it felt good to be back.  The room, (lets see if Carrolls did anything with their rooms to make them sound good) sounded really good and we played relatively softly cause the deadness of the room enabled up to easily hear everything.  Alan stayed through the Terrapin, which was the worst thing of the night, and the four of us we left to play a few quit songs, sitting down.  

I forgot to mention, we played 8-12 this week and by the end of the night, we were a bit tired.  We might as well get used to it cause we will be 8-12 next week at Carrolls.  I look forward to seeing what that is all about next Thursday.

I got a Tasteful Delight, fat free yogurt on the way home cause the pizza place looked suspect, and it was G-d awful.  Never again.  We missed the first Bush-Keary debate to jam and it appears that Keary helped himself a bit more than Bush, but Bush is still seemed to be leading a bit.

Remember, vote W cause W is for Deadstein.  Is Fuckin' Clay?