Ludlow St Basement Studio


A shocking last minute jam down under in the bowels of Ludlow Street.

We played down-under below grade on Ludlow Street right next to the famous Katz's Deli.  Trister was out of town and the odds of having a jam were slim.  I had my monthly MCMUA meeting and had no hope of making a jam when Kevin called me early in the afternoon telling me there was a jam.  Lo-and-behold, the MCMUA meeting was done in record time and I decided to try making the jam.  I still had to go home and gather my equipment but I did make the jam by 9:00 pm. The miracle of Deadstein continued.  So we jammed without Trister but with Bayside Alan and JB.  Lousy equipment, but the room and the vibe were good as reflected in the recording made by Coffee-Boy.  What a cool place to play though. 

I had a slice at the corner slice place and got a few soda's there.  I also go a slice on the way out.  That's living.  Still gonna be lots of vacations and difficulties in the up coming weeks in getting the jams together.  Let's work hard to get it done.  Till next when and where "to be determined."