William Weiss Interiors Studio


Super big sound with Howie Glatzer on drums.

  • Howie Glatzer on drums and Larry was right because he was really good.  Right on and very powerful, he must have bionic arms.
  • Spillboy allowed in without Menaker and proves his worth as he quenched our thirst before even entering the room.  Except for Spillboy, there were no other non-playing guests.  Kevin had a nice spill while the boy was upstairs doing something.  If it wasn't Kevin I would say it was spill boy's fault but since it was Kevin, and he   has a relatively high propensity to spill, I'll blame it on Kevin.  In the end, I was the real sap because like an idiot I put a bag of garbage that was in the so-called spill on my lap.
  • My amp still has a terrible midrange buzz and blow speaker.  It's rough out there.   I'm in the market for a used Twin, I'm tired of an unfriendly boogie.  It sounds good when it wants to but don't catch it on a bad day.  Wo!
  • We played as loud as we do, it was pretty loud.
First Set Comments:
  • Johnny pulled the plug on the Sailor Saint.  It wasn't any good anyway.
Eating Comments
  • Bens Thanks To Johnny.  What A Job.  The corned beef was representative of corned beef you get at a 7-Eleven.  The Bens was clutch but not good.  It made me about as sick as I get from our halftime binges.
  • Coffee Maker and great coffee.  We are really starting to live now.