William Weiss Interiors Studio


A late start but a long set.

No guests but all regulars were present.  Johnny was super pissed at something which I really wasn't a part of.

I made it in after a 6:30 MCMUA which let me in my car at 7:40 and voila, in a record 46 minutes I was let in WWI at 8:26 by this pissed-off freak.   Nevertheless, I was psyched and the band was fed with some disgusting type of wedge and ready to perform for the long haul.  We had the typical pauses in play but in essence played just one long set.

The night was pretty good overall, not tremendous but certainly a pleasure to be a part of.  Lots of good stuff happening.  It gets easier and easier to play as we all continue our coagulation into a cohesive unit.

Push comes to shove really moved a flew by with authority.

Satisfaction was a rarity but it was cool.  There seemed to be a lot of that sound going on in the first set with the New Speedway, Satisfaction, Big Boss Man, Throwing Stones and even the other songs have almost that same feel.

You Win Again was really good almost had the perfect ending but we went around a second time which gave us the chance to blow it.

Andy broke a string while ripping up the Uncle Johns Band.