William Weiss Interiors Studio


Better food was promised and delivered.

The first song, as has been our tendency over the last several weeks was too strong aggressive and lacked patience which lead to it be loud sloppy and not a team effort.  Nevertheless, as has been our tendency we quickly got into a better mode and I think the El Paso was the opposite of what was described.   It was played with patience, confidence and poise.  That was a pleasure.

I Played Some Drums during Candyman and Tom Thumb.  Really clicking with Scott.  Then I took up Andy's rig while he played drum for the Bobby McGee.  He does have some nice sounding equipment.  Then Larry and I switched and I played his rig while he played Andys for the Love Each Other.  Andy stayed on drums and Dave was playing my guitar and enjoying it during most of it.  Actually I think Andy was playing my guitar during the Love Each Other and Larry was on Andy's guitar.  The music stopped for the Black Throated and we all reverted to original instruments.

El Deliciozo was taken aback when we told them to deliver and regular pie since the Sicilian has been below par recently.  They promised better food and the delivered because the new pie made with care showed a tighter integration between layers with a tremendously crispy crust.  When put under a bit of pressure those guys really can cook.  A Marvelous order pulled off by Johnny.