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What, Gindoff's there. Is it worth the posting?

No guests at all and everyone was there exceprt for Brotman.  Speaking for myself, the "Bin Meister General", it was great to play after a week off.   It was sounding great as usual and there were many highlights.  It was even good to see our good friend at www.ecoasis.com.   Lots of songs, you can complain about the quantity.  It was one of the longest second sets in a while.   I had lots of fun and enjoyed some good sounds, rhythmsa and tones.  My timing felt good.

Straw was really good.  I think the Shakedown was just a warm up.  Dancin' was a surprise with a nice relatively crisp transition into the Eyes.  Dave asked for an old style hot Cumberland and while it wasn't old style, it was styling.  It hopped skipped and danced like we meant it.  Andy warned us as we muddled the way into it that we were going to have to get into it and try.

Whole Lotta Love had a real cool space blues thing in it toward the end.  It was nice.

It was a beautiful cool night, lots of pollen to make the eyes itch.   No traffic, Diner food that was pretty good.  In some way I feel bad for the Rice Ball God.  We aren't paying proper tribute to him.

That's all I can say now as I was lucky to even get this posting up.   See you all next thursday.