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A short-hair Kevy plays well in the name of God.

The entire band was there in spirit and the only guest we had, Tefillin-Ken, was there also in spirit.  Our groupie wasn't there but I assume was there in spirit, frolicking in the Sunshine State with Steele and Paul-Pos.  Deadstein was the same stuff as usual only kinder and more positive.  Kevin cut his hair-off and has a poodle thing on top of his head.  But in the crazy way it works, he's now playing and living in for the sake of God.  It could be a lot worse, he could playing for the sake of Kevin.  I wish him the best.  Maybe we'll call him Tefillin-Kev soon enough.

At moments the music was a bit choppy we were busy thinking of the others and not leading but its an investment in better, more creative music.  Some of the jamming in Let it Grow was like that but it also made for some more interesting music.  Scott's shoulder was aching and he couldn't make it though the whole night.  Andy and I drummed with Dave for the last three songs. 

I was playing some real clunkers at times that were killing me, and I'm sure others. Sorry about that Chief.  The beginning of the Stranger was one such moment.  It still hurts.  I never rwally felt comfortable with the sound of my guitar all night.  

I liked the Let it Grow and Birdsong, they were pretty good.  Sapcier than usual.   The Peggy-O was nicely delicate.  Even the Let the Good Times Roll was really well put together. It was quite comfortable.  The Black Throated Wind was also delicate, slow but pretty solid.  Minglewood Blues had some really good sounding moments but it was really long.  I wasn't there for the Getaway as I was upstairs with Larry taking care of the food.  Additional songs may have also been played before the Getaway but I don't know.

Delicozo was pretty good, Lasagna, Rice Balls (you bet), standard pie, veal parm, salads, vodka sauces, bread, butter, knots (bad), canolis, ice cream and beverage rounded out the meal.  It was a pretty early order and eat.

Andy had the hot second round of the Loser lead that Larry was salivating over.  Stepping on the Ratt stated it meant business but I think it's bark was worse than it's bite, but who am I to comment.  The women pretty much dragged and was the beginning of the end of Larry.  With Andy on drums, like Rusty Staub, Teffillin-Ken was there "tefillin."  We don't call him Tefillin-Ken cause he a religious Jew, do we?  The Deep-Elem was pretty subdued that we played with him but it had some real soul and was a good time.  I switched with Andy for the Tom Thumb Blues and played some pretty good drums with Dave.  We even banged sticks together.  Ken then sang the song and it was good.

I would post longer but every time my freaking' eyes hit the bottom of Kevin's set list they freak out.  I could be ruined for the night if I were to stare at that too long on a computer screen. 

It was pouring on the way home but listening to St. John's squeak by their first round NCAA game against N. Arizona was exciting.  The were many close calls for the favorites but they all seemed to pull through.  The DOW had an unbelievable day after, making up much of the loss it experienced during the previous few months.  Dave is also supposed to post some information about a Dave Fest on 7/8/00.  A Laurence Trister from the U.K. signed in on our guest book. Is he related to anyone?

That's about it for now.  Till next Wednesday.