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A Jerry Birthday Freakstein

It was a wet soggy week but we managed to get a full night of fun in with enough get up and go to survive a second night of jamming in just 48 hours.  We were only missing Andy who was out traveling for his new job.  There's a 50/50 shot he'll be there on Thursday.  

The guests for the night included Larry Brentstein's colorful friends from from Phil Tour, JC and Audrey.  They stopped by on their way to BB King's for some concert.  He took a few digital shots for the evening which we'll hopefully get copies of to post.  Tefillin Ken was there but due to religious mandates, he had to not listen to us upstairs.  He did it and managed to come down and say hello at the end of the night.  Did you know the Temple was torn down on Jerry's birthday?  We should have done a Samson and Delilah for the memorial because "If I had my way, I would tear this old building down."

Larry's amp began giving hints of Andy's old amp problems with a low level oscillating Marthra sound of its own.  Andy's just needed a new patch cord connecting to the reverb tank.  The China Cat was pretty hot and tight but unfortunately I took Larry's Uncle John's cue way too literally and brought the jam to a screeching halt as I went into the song instead of a hint..  Which we promptly got back up and running.  It was like a recipe that called for a pinch of sugar and I made Rock Candy.

Mama-Mex was fast a moving and quite enjoyable.  Must of Been the Roses was pretty hot when we were N'synch, whom Larry saw and liked this weekend.  The lead carried the value of the tune as it was hot and climatic and under control.  I like the way the riffs in the song were done.  As I was figuring them out on the spot, with a modicum of success, I was thinking that it had been quite a while since I had played this song it and how much more useful knowledge I now have at my finger tips.  It was a pleasing thought.  Another interesting thought I had was when I was standing over Kevin's shoulder reading and playing the Mason's Children comfortably and thinking how the book was in clear view, things were happening slowly and under control and how lucid my playing and thinking was.  This was in comparison to days I recall at Gavesvort and Perry Street staring at a blurry book realizing that by the time I focus, figure out and finger the music it has already passed me by.  Thing were a panic and now things just get so easy sometimes.

We ate nicely, it came and went and then we honored Audrey's request for a Terrapin which was pretty well done.

We played a fast one minute version of They Love Each Other that started at 10:00 and ended at 10:01.  Larry was AWOL for a few songs and Dave was quick to pop that axe on for a few songs including the Arabia, Money and After Midnight.  Larry ran out of steam by the end as I sang the Big Railroad and Get Out of My Life Woman.

The air was super thick as it was another day of very muggy, not hot and humid, but just thick and wet with rain, mist and fog on and off. A tough battle for the defroster.  Mets are on a nice winning streak though remain a steady 5-6 games behind the consistent Braves.

Till Thursday when it will be a Freakfest of a different kind.