Caroll's 41st Street


No Andy and no Scott in a nice new room in Carrolls.

Except for Andy T. and Scott., the whole band was there at Carroll's.  Tefillin Ken was there for a few early songs, but short of that, there was no one else in the room. Johnny was a no show and Kevin faded into a no show by the end of the night.  Rich played drums during one song and I never saw him back there and it was really good.  I played drums during the Goin' Down the Road and felt terrible during the whole thing.

We did a lot of dreadful fairly inefficient rehearing of the Unbroken Chain and to my surprise we were able to battle the whole way through it although some of the 5/3 timing had to be wrong.  Will have to wait for Andy to help straighten us out on it.  Nevertheless, as a band we never did so well with it before.

We had a terrible ending to the Stranger after a good song.  I think most of the music was okay. Kevin was a weakling for the night and amazingly so, he was the softest one in the room.  It the first weak I tried taping with the Nomad Jukebox.  We will see how that goes.  As a matter of fact, I'm signing off now to download the songs via USB port and to get to work on them.  A real time save in my vineless universe I live.  There was a cool foggy moon on the way home from a traffic ridden Thursday jam.

Till next Thursday.  Can't wait till we start playing Tuesday again.