Caroll's 41st Street


A last minute move back to Carroll's for the "A" list Larry G. birthday show moving.

It was a full Deadstein jam with a last minute back to our old stomping grounds, Carroll's on 41st Street, since our new home Pseudo on Broadway's elevator was out of order.  This coupled with a 6th floor jam, a full move in and hot weather precluded us from moving to our new home.  Nevertheless, Carrolls was clutch and we made it one last time to Carrolls.  

Michael Carpetsteen, from Carpetsteen the Deadstein floor-cover band, was there to chip in where he could and by the end of the night Peter from Pseudo and his friend Phil wandered in to check us out.  It's just part of the new freak scene we are about to embark on.  I'm sure we have all seen Phil before somewhere.

It was my birthday show and I picked an easy setlist to play under the assumption we were going to be somewhere new.  In any case, we played the whole set plus a few songs.  Trister got to play some half time drums to a song I forgot and we even got a few extras.  There first five songs were really good, including the Stranger.

I was using my new Roland VG-8EX guitar modeler box and played all non-magnetic pickup, simulated sounds all night.  I was a lot of fun.  Dark Star was long and spacy.  Most of what we played was good.

Till next Thursday, hopefully in Pseudo