Carroll's 55th Street


Two Weeks In a Row With Trister

This week had some powerful stuff in it. In a preminitional manner, I was thinking about my father and the struggles he's having getting by in his older life and during the Box of Rain. It was one of our better recent performances of it and was telling as he landed in the hospital and we were caring for him just a few days later. Gave the me the desire to create some Boxes of Rain to keep around during these times. so far they have worked. Believe them if you need them or leave them if your dare.

There was some good stuff this night but Andy was ready to sing his first song of the night when the Duprees was set his way, regardless it was a cool version, following the funky, fusiony Dancin' to open up the night. That first set all through the Terrapin, while Andy was there, was all very good. It is worth a listen, we were playing free, easy and hard.

Drew and Lee were the drummers for the night and they were sounding pretty good together. Lee's recent acquisition of a drum set and the ability to play at home is paying off. The rest of the crew was stand fare.

Freak Out!