Carroll's 55th Street


Openers and Closers throughout the Land

We had the same setup two weeks in a row with Drew and Lee on the drums and Andy there for the first set. We played a lot of openers and closers which is a good recipe for a hot night of music. The Shakedown was long and strong and though the beginning of the Sailor had its issues, it closed with strength. Stranger, Help were epic and the Visions with the corrected music was really good, I had my slide playing sounding like a pedal-street somehow. I was impressed with it. The Trsiter set was really hot all around.

We did the Troblant Bolero, made famous by dJango Reinhardt, early in the night and it was surprisingly good. There end of the night without Andy was also pretty hot including the Way You Do the Things You Do. Also the Midnight Hour had its minutes, the rest had some struggles to get where we got to be we did get there and that was an accomplishment.

Freak Out!