Carroll's 55th Street


New Eastman Archtop Debuts While Cracking It's PickGuard

New guitars usually are like a new loaf of bread to me, a simple commodity, looking to find the ultimate cheap price. After years of looking for the Archtop that would be my daily jazz ax, I settled on the Eastman John Pisano 480CE, a new Eastman 30th anniversary signature model. I just picked it up to days earlier and it is a marvel and a beauty. Not that I would even play it at Deadstein, trying to combat the high volumes, but I wanted to show it off. Vanity always gets you in trouble because getting out of my car at 54th Street, I leaned it in its double guilt gig bag on my car where it slowly slid to the ground. I didn't think much of it but when I got to Carrol's the beautiful ebony pick guard had cracked from the fall. My new guitar already had a major blemish. It was a bummer. Fortunately, I wood glued it together the next day and to date, it is holding together. I am also wiring to get replacement, but the still remains to be seen. I did end up playing the guitar in the second set for the Satin Doll, Here Comes Sunshine China Cat and it did work well without feeding back to badly.

Andy left after the Music Never Stopped. We had no over head microphones on either drummer for the Halfstep as I discovered by of my traditional overheads no longer work, I substituted with whatever I had and following the Halfstep, the mix was pretty normal. Andy was playing his Ibanez, Kevin his Rickenbacker, I had my Red Squire Stratocaster except for the previously aforementioned songs where I played the Eastman 480CE.

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