Carroll's 55th Street


Double Drumming Means Double the Fun

Drew was back from a a family vacation in the Golden State and was inspired to rock and roll like a 1960's hippie. He arrived and Rich, Kevin, Lee and I were in the midst of a little jazz session practice. Drew convinced us the best move for the moment is to launch into a Playing in the Band. Launch we did, right out of low earth orbit directly into deep space. That was a nice set up for the evening which was filled with big jamming and long passages through intergalactic time and space.

After the long, spacey, exotic Playing in the Band we came right back to terra-forma as Rich sang a slow and full of intent Big Boss Man. There was plenty of intent whether full or empty throughout the night. Truckin' Other One Scarlet, Deal, Help Slip Franklins the Estimated Eyes Not Fade all displayed a whole bunch of intent and commitment to the jam. Baby Blue as a ballad was one of our only such songs and we were carnivorous all night long.

Freak Out!