Carroll's 55th Street


Jordan Makes His Deadstein Debut on Kevin's Birthday

It was Kevin's birthday, parking was rough, but at least Stu was making an appearance, unfortunately his wife Liliya, who who happens to be a concert pianist, could not make it. We played a few requests of Stu's including the opener, How Sweet It Is reliving his making eye contact with Jerry. It was and night for firsts also as Jordan made his Deadstein debut as we were doing the Hornsby/Welnick thing with Jordan and Rich and dealing keyboards. Jordan was on the typical Roland setup they provide and Rich played a grand piano using a PZM taped under the lid. We haven't done that in a long a time and I was impressed with how well it all worked. We all alternated singing and playing throughout the jam eventually gravitating to Jordan doing lots of the singing in the end as he sounded good and settled into the groove. He certainly worked out well with us and hopefully had a good time.

Andy left after the China Rider. He was playing is White Strat this evening while battle some pedal-board frustrations. I had my 86' Red Squire Strat. The big surprise of the night was when Michael Brand walked in with Mohan for the end of the evening. Never ones together there too early on the show. They inspired us to play the last four songs that we did as Michael twirled the the Lazy Lightning and and the rest. Too badf we couldn't play more for them. They were loving us but the new guy a Carroll's defiantly was told his work day was over at midnight and he wanted us out of there like I've never seen. We scadaddled after and nice night of music.

Freak Out!