Carroll's 55th Street


With Drew and Scott and Rennie the Same Feels Different

This week we continued with our alternate left side drummer and it was Drews turn. Again, it was time to practice the songs we will be playing with Drew at Tir Na Nog on 11/22/19. Each of those two big meddles is 40 minutes long in the jam version, so likely to be 45 minutes each at the gig. Our whole night of music was 2 hours and 38 minutes. We played a lot; as we usually do.

We started growing with the Minglewood which set us up strong for the night. Rennie singing strong and Kevin grooving with the drummers allowed me to fumble along on the guitar. Rich did not show up until the Music Never Stopped so the early part of the night was me on most of the guitar parts. I always love the opportunity and there are some good moments. I played my Rags the Guitar Pfred Tiger clone and it sounded pretty good and felt good. All the updated electronics felt solid including my new 90 degree stereo cord for the effects loop. For the MuTron songs I do not feel as if I had the proper gain structure so I have to play with that a bit to get it right. I liked most of what we did, Esau was solid so was Candyman. Fingers Playing Jed was a nice combo early in the night before dove head first into the Drew setlist. I gotta say I'm not al too comfortable with some parts of it but I assume it will all be fine when I amplifying rhythm and Trister is playing lead instead of me solo on lead. By the end of the night I was running out of steam in my ability to select songs and we resorted to using the Randomizer, which got Rich to belt out a couple songs. Uncle Johns was a nice way to end a jam, reminding me of Radio City 10//31/80 to end that series of shows. Just one more jam to work out some kinks before the 11/22 gig, so learn that poem.

Freak Out