Carroll's 55th Street


Remembering John Perry Barlow's Music With the Core-4 and Larry's new Tele

Sadly, another big member our our Grateful Dead and Rock and Roll died this week in the name of John Perry Barlow. Not only a tremendous contributor to our song repertoire which the Grateful Dead rocked on and in which we enjoy each and every week, but JPB was also a giant figure in the world of the development of the Internet. Defining its position in society and declaring its freedom for all of us. It may or may not mean a lot in the end, but his songs will certainly live forever.

Though it was the Core-4 of us this week, I was determined to pull of the proper tribute to JPB, putting aside the chance to play the great 2-13-70 Fillmore as tribute, but the passing of JPB was too big not to commemorate in a meaningful fashion. This night we were not going to play any GarBand, but rather we were to play as a BarBand. Having my new Modern Fender Telecaster plus, fresh from Sam Ash, straight from China, this is my first maple neck and my first Telecaster and I was eager to play. It wasn't any help that Carroll's is beginning to screw us and I had no way to record, but Scott came in with his 4-track mp3 Camera recorder, thing-of-a-m-jiggie and we managed to capture the night in a fashion some what better than throwing an iPhone at the sound like last week. It was a bummer but except for the fact we can't hear Rich, it is ok.

It was certainly going to be a challenge playing and singing the Weir Barlow songs while have to also play lead, while thinking about my new guitar, as well as ever evolving pedal board, but it came out pretty good in the end. We even did a few of the Barlow Brent songs. JPB definitely left us a great legacy of play with for the rest of our lives and for that we are forever Grateful and he is forever Dead. R.I.P..

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