Carroll's 55th Street


Last Jam of 2107 is as Strong as 2017

Last Jam of 2017 and if I counted correctly, jam 52 of the year. A lot went on this year but we kept the mother rolling.

All of us made it and the only thing that didn't make the record was the Let the Good Times Roll into Feel Like a Stranger. We played that after the Hey Pocky Way opener without Andy. Too bad I missed those two songs they were well played and you can tell, even without them, it was a lot of the music for night.

Not knowing the best was to end the year, the crazy choice was a Beat It On Down the Line with 17 bangs on the F. It was well counted and also well played. Maybe we started 2018 with a Beat it with 18? Happy New Year to all freaks far and wide.

Freak Out and and Making 2018 Grateful Again