Carroll's 55th Street


A Big Made Up Setlist Takes Us Where We Want To Go

Lee and Andy were back this week filling out the band. Our Bandhelper app got a setlist loaded for us to play which was a made up Grateful Dead set filled with juicy tidbits to satiate our appetites. This week was in stark contrast to last week's Garcia Band setlist.

It's always great having the double drummer thing accompanying the Grateful Dead experience, and this week we seem to reap those retreads as our beat was nice and steady and moving. On my end, I received my Micro-Tron from MU-Fx which is a new version of the Mu-Tron III which Andy has the original and it's the classic Jerry was sound we all crave. I didn't use it in my Bob playing this week but you can hear Andy play it during the first half of the Estimated until the lead when he switched to his. The Micro-Tron can definitely be dialed in to approach the sound of the original like I have not experienced. I look forward to really getting into that box when I play Jerry some night. I am glad I got it. As a little bonus, it came with a lithium ion battery power pack for eh effect which came in handy to charge Kevin's dead iPad. You got to charge those things before the jams or the Bandhelper app will be useless.

Well, it looks lie summer is just about over and fall is right around the corner. A third of 2017 remains and we have made a lot of 2017to date. The music sounds good and we keep on keeping on. Until we keep on next week.

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