Carroll's 55th Street


Josh R on Lead Guitar Joins Use for a Tuesday Frolic

For his second jam with us, Josh Rosen joins Deadstein on guitar. He , me and Alan were the 3 guitars for the night as Andy bowed out for the week to let Josh jam as planned. Alan left for the second set leaving just the two of us on guitar. The night started innocently enough as a jam developed on Pink Floyd's Money which we brought into a raucous Truckin' Smokestack as a way to say how do you do to the night's jam. There were some songs and some jams and nice combination of sweet and sour.

For set two we tried to focus more on songs to let some of the singing shine and ironically we ended up in a Playing jam. All good stuff though we had a few rough edges during set two, but better to have a few rough edges than no edges at all.

Freak Out!