Carroll's 55th Street


Scott's Back and We Had a Setlist To Guide Us

As usual for 2017, we had another rock solid night of music. Alan was there for the big first set ending with the large Birdsong --> Let It Grow. Big Stuff. Kendall belted out some new tunes for her like the Bucket,Monkey and the Engineer and Throwing Stones. All important songs to get under her belt. Especially the Monkey and the Engineer. The end of the night fell apart a bit more as it grew long in the tooth and the Dew was suspect in its ability to maintain momentum. I think the Throwing Stones Not Fade was a slap in the face to wake up and make it through the finish line with the Black Muddy River. I said give me something to paint to Andy when I convinced him to stay for the Black Muddy River and I forgot about that up till this moment when I realized the poster for this week is a blue river from one of my recent paintings. If I have motivation, I may change the poster and artwork on the mp3 to a Black Muddy River Painting.

Freak Out!