Carroll's 55th Street


Nice night of music ending with the Fire On the Mountain US Blues

There are only 10 mp3s for this week's jam and it may look small but the jamming was big. We opened with the Casey Jones just to get things going and to make sure everything was working, which it was. We therefore then laughed into a 50-minute Dark Star sandwich on Playing in the Band bread garnished with a nice serving of Uncle John's Band. This huge jam was a lot of funned has lots of value spread throughout. The Ramble on Rose, Samson, Deal all were played with fortitude providing a nice 77 sound to the band to follow up on the previously mentioned sandwich. Definitely a satisfying first set.

As has been the tradition over the recent past, Alan went home for the second set leaving the rest of us to ponder doing some Garcia Band, which we did. The After Midnight dragged a bit as we were still getting our bearings back following the break. We followed up with substantial portions of the I'll Take a Melody, That's What Love Will Make You Do and the positively 4th Street. All of them were big especially the Positively 4th Street which isn't avail;able since I forgot to hit record. It was a good one also. I has the play on words of "Over the Hill" thinking of Hillary Clinton's candidacy and "Feeling the Bern" with the Sander's impressive run in the primaries come together to make a "Fire on the Mountain." With that in mind we had Francis Scott Gibson sing up a Fire on the Mountain at the end of the night to remember this epic battle. To close we topped it all off with the US Blues. At least we always have the Deadstein party where we are Making America Grateful Again. Freak-Out