Carroll's 55th Street


No Scott, half and Alan and an Estimated Jam Track

This week we had no Scott and Alan skipped out for the second set. This meant Lee had to be on his toes and the rest of us had be be on our faces. By the second set, that is what is felt like and the night ended with a frustrating crawl to the finish line. Nevertheless, I spend my time at home polishing turds, putting lipstick on pigs and somehow this weeks recordings weren't as bad as the jam felt. I guess that is good news.

The first set is actually pretty darn good as most of the songs are pretty good if you could look past the the bad points. We started the second set playing an Estimated Prophet with a jam track I prepared at home and in some respects its is really good. The rest of the second set was a race to the bottom but there is no need to freak out so I will "Freak-Out"