Carroll's 55th Street


51st and Last Jam of 2015

This was the 51st and final jam for Deadstein in 2015. Both Scott and Rich were declared no-shows for this last jam of the year. This left top billing to Lee with Kevin to fill in, Alan to bob up and down and me to gerrymander about. With a small crew there was little to distract us. Kevin, Lee and I got there at least 45 minutes early with no traffic to fight and we waited until just before six to leave our cars to descend upon Carroll's for one last time in 2015.

When we got to Carroll's we realized the "Preaks" were long gone leaving nothing but us chickens to worry about. No big deal, I got set up early and Kevin, Lee and I started about 7:25 as a trio playing a Sugaree to get the last jam started. This was very early for us and helped propel our song count way over 20 for the night. This is a tally we haven't reached in months, so good for us. They were big songs for the most part performed in 3 tidy sets. Look for a lot more , or at least more of the same, hopefully less of the same, but for now one last "Freak Out for 2015"