Carroll's 55th Street


Here we are ending the year a bit sluggish.

We had all six of us at the jam this week as we are winding down on 2015. We seemed just a bit off this night as nothing was too spectacular. We attempted a Weather Report Suite but that was a mess especially when Kevin went into the last part of the main jam right in the middle of the lead in the lyrical part of the song. G-d knows what happened to him at that moment and why others would follow him is beyond me, but it's Deadstein. The Me and My Uncle felt pretty good and after getting going the Big River wasn't all too bad. With Scott taking the end of the night off with his bad shoulder we attempted the rarely performed, if you can call it that, Attics of My Life. It's good to keep all the songs in somewhat of a rotation as it give you a chance to play and remember them. The Gimme Some Lovin' into the Wheel into Miracle and closing the segment with a Shakedown was the big effort of the night but by the Shakedown jam we lost all our entry and it turned into a bad dirge. We really need to avoid falling into the holes because it isn't good, you may think it's musical, but it isn't it's just wrong. Well there are two more jams in 2015 so let's make them worthwhile. "Freak Out".