Carroll's 55th Street


Playing Mostly Old-Tyme Grateful Dead

All six of us were at the jam this week. Lee was a bit preoccupied with work at the beginning of the night, so I played some drums during the soundcheck jam and we played Beat It On Down the Line in commemoration of the world of crappy work.The night was filled with big songs and played in combination. After the Beat It On Down the Line we embarked on a 45-minute That's It For the Other One into another few songs. Lots of nice powerful old school music. The Stranger and Bucket were outside this template but there was nothing wrong with them. The big Terrapin Playing Uncle Johns Morning Dew in the second set was another significant adventure. Just prior to that we were doing the Positively 4th Street when I broke a high-E string toward the end. A Bucket was there to propel homeward and another night of Deadstein was in the books and with that, "Freak Out"