Carroll's 55th Street


Allen Toussaint's Mark on Us Is Remembered With His Passing

With the whole band back together this week we were ready for some action and we got it. We played two good sets of music and ending the night with a trio of the Grateful Dead's newer songs.

"Living in Yesterday's Tomorrows"

On this night we remembered Allen Toussaint who passed earlier this week. His contribution to the world of Deadstein included Jerry's versions of I'll Take a Melody and Get Out of My Life Woman. Both are an enjoyable part of our regular Garcia rotation and we played both in the middle of the first set.

I think there we many nice moments in the night and though we didn't play a boat load of songs, what we did play represented "Anchor Songs" of our repertoire. Our new try for a different song out of the Help on the Way Slipknot! besides a Franklin's Tower resulted in a good Foolish Heart this week and a nice transition. We keep making a bit of progress on the Help on the Way. Same thing with the Truckin', Lazy Lightning and Hell in a Bucket. This night we had some of our better versions of all those rockers, which if not perfectly executed, they showed promise for the future which is much more important. Other nice combos for the jam included the Ophelia into Music Never Stopped to end the first set and the Here Comes Sunshine into Cumberland Blues to begin the second set. Transitioning into the Cumberland gave us an opportunity to not fret over starting it. The attempted transition from the Trucking' into the Next Time You See me at the start of the first set wasn't quite as smooth but we keep on Trucking' on and Freakin' Out.