Carroll's 55th Street


Six of Here to Celebrate Lee's Birthday

All six of us were back together again to celebrate Lee's birthday, even though he didn't really select and song except for the He's Gone coming out of the Playing in the Band to start the second set. A choice like only a drummer would make, but it set us on a course to play a cool second set series of songs following a very impressive first set of music.

Calling for "More Wine" over and over showed I had a serious buzz on my shoulders and I was playing aggressively sloppy as a result during the first set. It had its moments in all directions.

Some interesting things included a strict playing of Grateful Dead for the night, no Garband and no other nonsense. Alan and I finally switched of the guitar roles during the China Cat where I played the Jerry part and Alan the Bob part. We had been playing it reversed ever since Alan joined us and it's time to switch. While neither of us practiced for the moment, the "throw into the pool and watch 'em swim or drown" aspect to it get us going. The playing jam into Supplication and then back into Playing to close the set was interesting. We barely had enough time for the US Blues and we were out of there. With that I bid you all a "Freak Out"