Carroll's 55th Street


First Set, Second Set and It's Time To Go

Another nice 6-man jam as we approach the end of summer. Kevin and I both had to park on 11th but we got there early and were set up and ready to play before 8pm. We played a nice 2-set evening of music. For the most part it was tight and meaningful. Even things that were messed up like the Brother Esau ending up having value. We played the entire Estimated through the end of the night without stopping, but allowing the drums/space to give us time to take a little break. The Lazy Lightning had some good feeling 7 to it and there was way more good than bad this week. The recordings sound good so check them out while I "Freak Out"

This animated gif from a jam years ago was automatically generated for me by uploading all my photos to Photos.Google.Com. Great stuff.