Carroll's 55th Street


Alan's 60th B-Day Set with Steve B. on Guitar

With Alan scheduled to be out for the up coming August 10th jam, he decided to celebrate his August 11, 60th birthday Deadstein style on August 4 by selecting the songs the the night's jam. This resulted in a pretty beefy setlist. The surprise of the night was Scott bringing Steve Bernstein to play lead guitar with us for most of the night just missing the Shakedown opener and the Comes a Time, Going Down the Road, Not Fade Away closer. This left me and Alan sharing much of the rhythm duties while Steve was there.

The jamming was good but my mix down was as rushed as I have ever done one, only over-dubbing my vocals on Bucket and Music.Didn't have much time to spend on this week in Deadstein and next week is just around the corner. "Freak Out!"