Carroll's 55th Street


New Packet and EZ-Drummer2 Substitutes for a Drummer

EZ-Drummer2 and the new packet set the tempo of the evening as only Alan, Kevin and I made it to the jam. We made the most of it with the new packet being distributed, proving the three of us at least the opportunity to play several Deadstein firsts.

The fact that I was relying upon my laptop and the EZ-drummer plugin that resides in it as the primary rhythm section as well as recording device meant my head was exploding more than usual. Couple this with playing songs we have never done before and its a miracle we pulled any music out of the room. There were a couple of songs like Victim and Birdsong which we played but I failed to pull a recording out of it. Failed to hit the old record button. It's tough when you are slave to a drum machine. Then there were others like One After 909 and Stairway to Heaven that was at wrong tempo's and didn't work with the so-called EZ-Drummer. The few songs I managed to get recordings of were interesting at worst and ok at best. How's that for an endorsement? "Freak Out!"