Carroll's 55th Street


8-Track only worked for the second set for the 5 of us.

This week in Deadstein we had the late cancellation of Alan which meant I was the only guitar player for the night We had our two drummers as well as Kevin and Rich filling out the core. With one less guitar in the room it meant I had one more microphone to place over the drums in an attempt to capture a better quality drum mix. It was half for naught as the first set of the night resulted in a totally usable recording of what we played. It was a technical glitch wasn't salvageable in any way as it was filled with pops and clicks. Fortunately Rich used his MP3 recorder to capture a backup of what we played so at least we have a record of it which was posted on the website.

It wasn't until the second set which began with the the After Midnight that the glitch was resolved and the 8-track recording could be done. Unfortunately that was at a time of the night where we are definitely not at our best. Speaking of which, I was certainly having tremendous problems playing all night long. It felt as if my brain was detached from my hands, and when I looked down at my hands while playing, I felt like I was looking at someone else. A very out-of-body experience and not in a good way. I haven't felt that incompetent in months so I was having my own troubles all night long regardless of the recording issues going on. That's why you have to keep on keeping on and with that I say, "Freak Out!"