Carroll's 55th Street


Beginning of our 25th Year with all 5 in Attendance

After a week of just having three members of the band celebrating Deadstein's 24th anniversary, we were back on track with all five of us here. I decided to start the night off with the jammy type of number that can also get us onto the right track and Eyes of the World was the selection going into a raucous Minglewood Blues. Broken Arrow was pretty sweet as I recall but dictating this two and three weeks after the jam makes it tough To recall anything without listening to the MP3s, and that is not going to happen at this moment. I do recall the Long Black Veil been kind of a bummer wishing I hadn't tried it. But when it came to the end of the night, we had the standard cell-phone call to Carol and there was a request for a Beatles song, Not knowing what to do we decided to pull one out that we haven't done much of before from of the new song book. Get Back from the Beatles was the song we did and we actually pulled it off better than I could have expected, especially at that time of the night cause it was quickly approaching midnight. Then to close with I'll Take a Melody was a little too much also at that time of the night but we gave it the old college try. Though it was only 16 songs, if you look at the set list, there's a lot of beef and there is not too much lettuce. So with that I say comma "Freak Out!"