Carroll's 55th Street


Five 4 Nine-Four from Eight 2 Twelve

Scotty picked up the sticks for Broken Arrow and Candyman. Short of that he provided harmonies while Lee played the drums. His arm is looking good though!

This was our second week in a row playing the Help on the Way. This week in it's more traditional Franklin's Tower combo. Not that the Slipknot jams were any better. I want to get better at that so I'm gonna keep pressing playing it. Silver Threads and Golden Needles was a first for us and surprisingly, the virtually never played Imagine may have been one of our better moments of the night. I had practiced the Hell in a Bucket a bit leading up to the jam and wanted to attempt it, so we did for the first time in quite a while. I'll probably press to play that one a lot more also. Freak out!