Montana's Studio


Deadstein on the road, east to Montana Studios.

Carroll's sold us out to Carnegie Hall, those low-lifes, and we had to find our way to another home for the night. Montana Studio's just a block away on 11th at 56th street was our answer.

Montana Studio was more comfortable than most places on the road, but it is still on the road. We only had one drum kit and a conga/latin-drum setup for the second drummer. It wasn't ideal but got us through the night. Scott really liked the amplified kick drum he had in his monitor. The rest of the acoustics for the night were challenged. Rich had his usual frustrations trying to play and electronic instrument. Kevin's was right in front of Rich to make matters worse as he couldn't get himself loud enough in the monitors without feedback. I had a pretty good Twin Reverb, with Master knob, so I wasn't concerned with anyone's issues and kept my head down and tried to play. I was having my own issues of trying to play well. Makes you really want to get back home. Freak Out!