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First Set
  • Woman Are Smarter
  • Wang Dang Doodle
  • Tennessee Jed
  • Hard To Handle
  • She Belongs To Me
  • Touch of Grey
  • You Win Again
  • Brokedown Palace
Second Set
  • Ripple
  • Playing in the Band->
  • Uncle John's Band->
  • So Many Roads
  • Positively Fourth Street
  • Johnny B. Goode

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Check Your Freak and Wagnalls
  • My new flat wounds that sucked.
  • Scott's New Tama's which better be good.
  • Larry's new distrotion box
  • Spillboy and Larry's friend Mark, Steve Levinson's friend from Manalipan, NJ, were the only guests.
  • Ironically, a garbage dumster  rolled down the sidewalk hand dented my hood from Filiberto Sanitation.  I guess I will never have peace with those guys.
  • We played Rubin & Cherise in practice a few times but not seriously enough to be included on the list.
First Set Comments:
  • Larry M. really seemed to love the You Win Again.  It was tight and confident and just pleasing to play and hear.  We usually do that song well.
Half Time Eating Comments:
  • Dine-O-Mat was right on target.


Second Set Comments:
  • Larry B. did his typical tripping all over his actions during the final note of the Johnny B. Goode.
  • A rainy and snow night.  Beautiful in the basement but the ride in had snow in Jersey and Rain to the east.  No big deal though.  First snow of the year.

Name: Menaker
Date: 12/11/97
Time: 9:51:03 AM


The Playin' was also very good. But, that You Win Again was just a rollicking good time. I love Scott's new kit. It gives more of a stoccatto (or as it's pronounced on 38th street, stoscotto) output that greatlty enhances the rhythm. Kudo's to us for playin' the whole list+

Name: Larry G.
Date: 12/11/97
Time: 11:49:32 AM


"StoScottso" is nice. We didn't quite do the entire list but we had an extra or two.

Name: Larry B
Date: 12/11/97
Time: 1:20:14 PM


Anothe enjoyable evening as the year draws to a close. Interesting previous reference to last years set but without the no repeats it didn't hold up. Some modifications needed and made. Once again Dinomqat coming through and in a big way. Nice SBTM, Tenessee, but You win again was definitely the 1st set hilight.

Name: Rich Brotman
Date: 12/11/97
Time: 6:43:22 PM


I must second that emotion about the You Win Again. I think it was one of the consistently groovy things I've ever been involved with playing. There were also other highpoints to the night, but I'll withold judgement until I (hopefully) get to listen to the tapes. So, congratulations fellow freaks!

Name: Larry G.
Date: 12/11/97
Time: 8:09:04 PM


Brotman Speaks up, good to see, That will make Johnny Happy.

Name: Scott
Date: 12/12/97
Time: 10:07:19 PM


More Gar Band!!! We do it so well!!!! I thought the Touch was very powerful. Playin had some good jammin moments , and what can I say the So Many Roads is just a beautiful song. As I'm posting the Fillmore 69 CD Is playing and the Cryptical, Other one is just so &^^%%& Good. I'm looking forward to getting aquainted with the new kit. So far it's really comfortable. Love the action with the kick drum and hi hat pedals. Not sure about the snare drum yet. Compared to the New Pearl , it has a little more ringing to it. Like any new toy it takes a little tweaking. Boy, what I've been missing w/o bottom heads all these years.

Name: Larry G.
Date: 12/14/97
Time: 10:41:32 AM


It was really nice of Lisa to give Scott the bottom head for Chanukah. Enjoy it Scott