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First Set
  • Bertha
  • Lovelight->
  • After Midnight
  • Jack Straw
  • Brown-Eyed Women
  • Last Time
  • They Love Each Other
Second Set
  • Aiko-Aiko
  • Viola Lee Blues
  • Other One->
  • U.S. Blues


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Mail Order Freaks

Like this Election Day on which we jam, we have potential to make this jam a winner or a loser. You have to vote for the guy who cleans up Times Square, let's us shop safely at the Dine-O-Mat and yet manages to chase all the crack attics to the dark canyons of 38th Street. As I write up the page at 12:30 a.m. after election day it is still up in the air if the people of New Jersey erred and voted in McGreevey. I think we will prove victorious and Christine Todd Whitman will squeak by with the win. Just now at 12:30 a.m. McGreevey conceded. Yes.Kevin and Dennis c1995

  • The big news of the night was the appearance of Dennis and Riley for the first time to William Weiss. It was really great to see them. Dennis looked good. Healthier than usual, the bulge in the eye subsided. He brought his Washburn Telecaster and plugged in for a few songs. Riley played the Last Time and the second set was a mishmosh of instrumentation. Although most of the setlist was shot to hell, but the Dennis factor was something to treasure.

Our New StuffLarry and I settling into our new instruments. It's still new and exciting for me. This guitar of mine seems really nice and I'm psyched to become aquatinted with it. It's warm and smooth! By the way, if someone has a spare shoulder they can lend me, it's better than a hand. We didn't play enough to make my shoulder hurt though.

  • This week signifies my 16th anniversary of seeing Jerry my first time at the Palace Theater in Albany on November 4, 1981. What a Freaky path he would send me down. Let's not forget the fact that this night had arguably the best Mission in the Rain ever. Check it out.
  • Seeing Jerry at the Palace reminds me a great deal of D. Schmell who was flying on 2 purple microdots that night. It was he who battered leads into my head and I'm just mentioning this because I enjoyed his wedding this past Sunday. To marry Doug you have to be beyond a tiger in trance. I wish Lisa luck but it was good to see the old crew of Charles, Fortgang, Roy as well as the old Schmell crew of Schmell, Goldstein, Goldberg, Wasserman and Weiner. If Mrs. Schmell fell of the chair during the Hora lawyers would surround her like vultures.
  • Spillboy was in the room and living up to his name but spilling uncontrollably on several occasions. He had an eruption ting going on in his beer that thinking about baseball wouldn't even hold back. The spills were apparently so bad that it is rumored that even Kevin helped clean up the mess.
First Set Comments:
  • The Bertha really sounded good. We all had nice sounding relaxed feels to Larry M. looking over his shoulderourselves. It probably wasn't rocking enough to get Johnny moving but it showed composure and class.
  • The Lovelight was a typical dreary Deadstein version but it was a Dennis choice.
  • The After Midnight was my choice and was a flopper. Kevin never really figured it out and it only had a few moments of funkiness.
  • Like the Bertha the Straw was composed and relaxed. We didn't play with Dennis during it so it added to our ability to control it.
  • The Brown-Eyed Women was pretty good. Once again at a calm tempo yet enjoyable. The was no sense of franticness in the song at all.
  • Riley played bass during the Last Time and it soon felt like the Lovelight. It went on and jammed for quite a while.
  • The Love Each Other was very good. We had a nice groove during it. It was pretty flawless and was played without any guests and was quality under control.
Half Time Eating Comments:
  • Stardust Dine-O-Mat - Click to See the MenuA scaled back Stardust Dine-O-Mat order perfectly pulled off by Johnny.
    • Cheese burgers
    • Sliders (burnt mini burgers with fried onions) without cheese for me.
    • Many BLTs which are slowly clawing their way back to preeminence.
    • Scott when with the Popeye Salad, no Olive Oil
    • Onion Rings. These things were pretty good.
    • Mashed potatoes. As usual these potatoes came up short and some how Larry M. wrestled the last one from Johnny's grips. That's okay because he over purchase and couldn't even touch his BLT. He refused to relinquish any of it to Larry M. Recycle.  The Earth depends on you.who was doing powerful eating for the second week in a row and was ready for more. Freakboy decide to take to so called BLT home in stead of giving it to the starving Larry M.
    • Cokes with cups of ice.
  • Left over snacks from previous weeks all good stuff.
  • I got the system going for recycling the beverage containers. The funnel helps.
  • With Dennis and Riley, as well as Spillboy, in town there were also beers around.
  • I had a minor Bens hot dog and French fry snack before the jam.
  • I bought the coffees for me and Larry B. for the way home.
Second Set Comments:
  • I sat down for the Aiko-Aiko letting Kevin play my guitar and Riley play the bass. Kevin would play my guitar for the entire second set. Dennis was also playing.
  • Larry gave up his guitar to me for the Viola Lee. His set up sounded and felt good to me. We had a little trouble starting the Viola Lee but once it got going it had it's moments. When playing that Fender Twin I could feel some real sounded coming through during this song.
  • I played bass for the Other One and US Blues and Riley played Dennis' guitar and Larry B. took his back. It was the best bass I have ever played. I was psyched with the fact that for the first time it felt as if I could play bass.
  • It was beautiful in and out.
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Date: 11/5/97
Time: 8:50:43 AM


The Swallows returned to Freakistrano. Dennis and Riley (they sound like a vaudevillian comedy team) paid a visit to our private kind clubhouse. I bet Dennis felt like a proud mother-hen kvelling over his boys who done good. They brought with them the expected amount of Skoppyness and scariness. The most frightening thing is that it felt as if they were never gone; Dennis and Riley have got strong magic. All that Skopp took it's toll on the "normal" workings of a jam nite. Any hope of adjusting the mix in the room and tweeking our new gear was blown to Hell by the mojo those guys threw on us. Don't get me wrong, I loved having those guys there, but it has to be noted: It was an old-fashioned-more-than-freaky nite. Now I know that Spillboy gained his fame and notoriety by spilling, but he has crossed the line. The chutzpah of that kid to spill a beer all over the desk and floor and make a major stink-muck and not even attempt to clean it up! You got to realize, if I'm on the floor with paper towels and Windex it is a big deal. He should've sopped up that mess with his precious Kabbalah. Next week I'm bringing that kid a bib. Damn him to Hell. Freakboy was very low-key, but clutch in the food-get. Menaker with the high-effort attendance. All in all the music that was, was good (in a freaky kinda way).

Name: Scott
Date: 11/5/97
Time: 9:12:58 PM


An Election day not to be forgotten. The return of Dennis and Riley was a blast from the past. And as Kev stated it's like they never left. Even though the set list was butchered it made for quite an evening with the kid and his side kick. Most tunes were played with the feeling I'm always looking for. Whats with kaballah boy? This boy needs a wake up call. Thanks kev for the clean up patrol. The switching of instruments always has an interesting twist. The Kev on lead, The Gind on bass, now we have to get the Brenster on the skins. Until next week........ Were was the sticks of inscense Dennis?

Name: Jonathan Long
Date: 11/6/97
Time: 1:22:57 PM


Brent must get some credit for the conversion of the DinoMat order from thought to food. He compiled the list. I rarely get involved in what I think is an interesting conversion. Perhaps I am typically not capable of doing so. But Kevy, Scott and I (and later SpillBoy) marveled about some of mankind's quality of life progressions throughout the last century. I thought that indeed there has been a tremendous amount of advancement specifically within the last 100 years (i.e. cars, airplanes, electricity - Radio, TV, Telephone, Computers, medicines and medical advancements.) Then I thought would this trend of major quality of life improvement continue or stable off. Initially I thought they'd have to continue. But then I posed well how? How might we make a major quality of life advancement? What would it be? What would you want it to be?