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First Set

  • Picasso Moon
  • Brown-Eyed Women
  • Little Red Rooster
  • The Other One
  • Friend of the Devil
  • Free form jams with Dennis
  • El Paso
  • Second Set

    • Mexicali Blues
    • Lazy River
    • Looks Like Rain
    • China Doll
    • St. Stephen
    • Good Lovin'



    For being an ordinary evening, this jam seem to have many firsts or extraordinary events. To start with it became apparent the passing of the "Freakboy" torch occurred on October 15, 1996. After extolling Jonathan on October 7, 1996 for a week of giving to Deadstein good with both singing and dancing it was proven that we were all saps for extending our gracious hands. But that is Okay because several months ago a new Johnny Freakboy protégée stepped into our studio. While he may not sing or dance, he does hoot when he hears something hot. In addition he was able to surprise us with interesting goodies, showing a bit of creativity in his selection of dessert products. He may spill every bit of liquid within 10 feet of him, he may be a slob, he may be cheaper than the scrooge but at least he shows up to be Deadstein’s new "Freakboy." His birthday is even around the same day as "Non-Freakboy" Long’s.

    There is time for "Non-Freakboy" Long to redeem himself, come back to the fold but it may take a sacrifice like missing a Yankee world series game for a Deadstein Jam. That would show "Deadsteinication." Actually, Johnny Cheapboy shouldn’t get too comfortable because we all know "Freakboy" and "Cheapboy" ain’t no "Freakboy." What do you want this was written during the final Dole - Clinton Presidential Debate. Enough of berating "Non-Freakboy" Long. We just ask him to come back to the Grand Old Party.

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    For some reason unknown to me, Kevin twisted but tuning peg on my guitar before the jam and broke a string of mine. In replacing it he broke more, replaced some in and out of the guitar nut in ways that I didn’t know a string could be threaded. Coupled with other reasons, the jam started relatively late (7:30 or so), an it was clear that the list wasn’t to be completed. In the end, we only played one of the two sets scripted by Kevin over the course of two sets. That’s okay because we played additional songs with Dennis. The missing second set not played included: Women, Box, Sailor, Saint, Not Fade Away.

    Kevin still was getting adjusting his bass setup and this week saw Kevin’s own amplifier make it into the room Some how he split the signal and expanded into two cabinets. I don’t know all the details but it sounded very good. Powerful, clean and deep.

    Larry Brent was almost under the weather but like a trooper, he showed up and played his heart out. Can we say that about "Non-Freakboy" Long?

    Regarding the set lists, in the words of an unbiased observer, the reason Johnny didn’t show was because of the set list, What type of song selection is it. Picasso, Brown-Eyed Rooster, "what are you going to shoot yourself?" A Good Lovin to close? Then the audacity to propose to play a Women, Box in the second set. Actually I never looked at it from afar, but this unbiased observer is right. What type of song selection is this? I would die if I saw this. Actually I don't mind, never di, I accept the list even though I would like a Casey Jones every now and then.

    Remember, we play on Monday the Week of November 22, 1996

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    First Set:

    Picasso was good, very welled played, excellent drumming and just playing a Picasso that is true to itself. I couldn’t remember Brown-Eyed Women if they sat on my face, I have no idea where I was during that song. I do remember it went right into a Rooster, slow and groovy. I droned on with the theme without regard to others, refusing to jump off of it. In the end, we played with that strong, slinky Rooster groove. That kept up until a very drunk Dennis staggered into the room in the middle of the Rooster. While in a very jolly mood, the entrance of Dennis and Riley definitely altered the karma and resulted in a much modified ending to the Rooster.

    Rather than fighting the Dennis influence, Deastein decided to jump on the Dennis bandwagon. We alter the set to give a strong foundation to the music Dennis was going to play. I t would not have mattered what we were going to play. We therefore played a first set Other One, giving Dennis an opportunity to strut his stuff and really spread his wings. Without any ego, Deadstein just provided a strong and beautiful Other One support for Dennis’ screeching Marshall. It was loud but the Other One was great. It was long, a little spacy, powerful but done with class. By letting Dennis go off by himself it left the rest of us the opportunity to listen to ourselves play and perform a fundamentally true but interesting Other One.

    Enough was enough and we went back to our game plan with the Devil. Much like the Other One, the Marshall screeched at comic proportions. After the Devil a dental emergency occurred at the Gibson household. Off went Dr. Brent with Scott. The ensuing music , Sans Larry B. and Scott, involved having Dennis feedback, Kevin on my guitar and me on drums, with Menaker and Riley (on bass) joining in later. It was fun and noisy at least for me. That drumming stuff is fun. Food was ordered and arrived during the El Paso which ended up being the close of the first set.

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    Second Set:

    The second set was a continuation of what was to be the first set. All I can say is that Kevin probably played some of his best stuff ever during the Mexicali and Lazy River Road. It was right on and I only wish I could have done it the justice Kevin’s playing deserved. While I wasn’t terrible during it all. The fast Mexicali right out of eating was a difficult startup. My hands were still sticky from the Rice Krispie treats and it made it hard to slide up and down the neck. Lazy River Road was beautiful as it chugged along. Don’t have the energy to comment on the rest. I'll leave it up to someone else in the comments. I know I played the Good Lovin' wrong. Well, actually I'll have to listen to tapes before admitting it.

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    Comments Submitted

    Name: Larry G.
    Date: 17 Oct 1996


    I hope Jonathan doesn't take any of this too seriously. It's just disappointing when he isn't there. I do appreciate his support and he's welcome any time. If it was me, I certainly wouldn't put up with us.

    Name: KEVIN
    Date: 17 Oct 1996


    Well after a short hiatus, I'm back. I've been contemplating the validity and true function of this posting apparatus, and I've come to the conclusion that it is good if used for good ( guns don't kill people, Bruce Hornsby does ). Anyway, a serious round of applause for LarryG. This weeks posting and new additions to the page are without equal. Bravo. I agree whole-heartedly with LG on the Freakboy issue, where is that kid when you need him? LG's wrap-up on the evening is right on target: Skoppy. Yes, LarryM coffee good and much appreciated. As for the set lists, I apologize for the Casey Jones Omission, it was requested, and I forgot--next week. As for song selection and order, try to have an open mind, creativity and originality is a good thing. LarryB, great effort in the face of infirmity. Looking foward to next weeks kind gathering. Adios.

    Name: SCOTT
    Date: 17 Oct 1996


    OH' WHERE OH' WHERE HAS OUR FREAK BOY GONE ????? All I'm hearing about is the kind java that was served !!but there seemed to be one missing? oh well next time i'll help carry down the stairs.I could have used some after my dental emergency at the gibson household.All is well thanks to the kind words given to Mollie by Dr.Brent

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     Half Time Food:

    Memphis Trio in small amounts. Only ordered a half sausage pie with several heroes and garlic bread. It was barely enough but welcome nevertheless. We sent Johnny Spillboy out for $15 worth (he likes to advertise the amount) of desserts. He came back with typical Drakes products but also had doughnut holes that were liked by most, cheese danish, iced danish, and Rice Krispie Treats. It was plentiful. There were even a couple of chocolate bars. To top this all off, Larry M. made a phenomenal pot of java to go with the food. I think the desserts made me sick but the coffee saved me. Good job Larry!!!!

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    Perfect, many weeks in a row. Who could ask for anything more?

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