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7 Year Anniversary Jam

First Set
  • Mississippi Halfstep
  • Little Red Rooster
  • Candyman
  • El Paso
  • Brown Eyed Women
  • Crazy Fingers->
  • Playing in the Band
Second Set
  • Estimated Prophet->
  • Eyes of the World
  • I Need a Miracle->
  • So Many Roads->
  • Good Lovin'

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Next Jam: Tuesday, October 14, 1997

Happy Anniversary.   Another Year Older, and Deeper in Freak
  • Drive home, just another few miles. I'm gonna make it. Oh light by my house. How I love when you give the the green arrow as I approach. After all, 4 Dr. Peppers and 2 coffees cause my bladder to yearn for relief. I persevere. Turn my computer on before seeking the relief I so desperately need. The posting must get done and there isn't a minute to waste, only lives. This is just to provide some perspective on what I must go through to provide you boneheads with virtual nonsense.
  • This is the jam that celebrates the Deadstein 7-year anniversary from the faithful beginning on October 9, 1990 at 162 Perry Street. Not much was made of it but that is a good sign. It's not the anniversary you celebrate but the institution that is the basis for the anniversary. Seven is a lucky number and although we didn't memorialize the night, we will be celebrating the product of these past 7 years in the music we make. There are going to be lots of special moments in the months ahead my friends (I'm am watching Conan O'Brien having a staring contest with his sidekick Andy. That is what I call exciting television).
  • Back to the excitement of Deadstein. In many respects it was a very disappointing night for me. I had been practicing quite a bit all week but ended up slicing my left middle finger open in the morning with an x-acto knife. I bled profusely for 2 minutes and totally ruined a shirt but the first thing I thought of was the impact it would have on Deadstein. It's scary to play guitar when you have a cut on the tip of your finger. The thought of the metal string finding that cut gives me shivers and the cut was parallel to the guitar strings. (Conan won the staring contest)
  • The entire band was there and Spillboy was the only guest. He was lucky to be let out from the Kabalanese Liberation Army. I can't believe he said I wasn't a believer and Kevin was. I think Kevin believes in the might Brrrp! and you can't take that home honey. I don't know what the hell I'm talking about by the existence of a supreme being in any rational state which can only be judged subjectively through the through the soul of a collective individual seeking the ultimate truth. And there is a 50% chance of that.
  • One Mighty Mousething we all became believers in by the end of the night was the power of the mighty mouse. I heard him sing, "Here I come to save the day" and I flew the white flag. You can't win over mice. I still say we put some cheese in the back corner and feed them. Then they will have no excuse to come close to us. We had a scare or two from this little rodents and that didn't help anything. Spillboy called us all sissies for running as the mouse attacked us but it is tough to play facing one of these things. It sent Freakboy to the showers early. The paradox is it freaked him out.
  • A New Tie-Dye For the RoomJohnny purchased a really nice tie-dye tapestry for the room. He got it at the Eco-Fest From Little Star Designs ( It's a really nice one and he thought it would be utilized best by stretching it out across a wall. While that would have been nice, and we need more of these things, everyone else took control of this thing and in minutes it was suspended by twine from the dusty pipes above. It was like college but with a cool tie-dye, not some Hinduesque patterned mish-mosh. It caused Scott concern, Another Tie-dyeworrying about the fire marshal and it generally bummed Johnny out. I think we all liked it initially. It provided a freaky luminesence beneath the fluorescent. By the halftime, Kevin was accusing it of attracting the mice. I reminded him of the 1972 Berkeley study using laboratory mice where they displayed no significantly attraction to tie-dyes suspended in mouse mazes (or is that mice mazes?). Due to all of these reasons, I predict it will not be suspended next week but rather shall decorate the couch on which it now sits. Without the necessary bungee chords, eyelets, steel strapping and motorized wench, I don't think it's going up again. It's too bad because the ceiling impact is nice. After taking it down we folded it nicely out of respect for the Freakboy. Well, at least we picked it up from the floor.
First Set Comments:
  • I was having trouble during the Halfstep. During my first few warm-up notes before the song, I found out the cut on my finger hurt more than I expected it to. It is small but deep, just below the callus on my left middle finger. When the song started a panicked. I didn't play any chords before the song and when I did it hurt a lot. I was frightened of slicing it open again on the thich G string. Ouch!. In turn, I played a million wrong things. By the end of the song I was in pain with shooting stingers floating around all of my fingers, I think I deadened the pain by the next song and my cut finger was not a significant issue afterwards.
  • The Rooster was hot. Larry gave me the first round of the first lead, my guitar and slide were sounding pretty good and I pulled of a pretty good lead. Larry took over for the second round and was nice and hot. Rich didn't seem to take advantage of his allotted time for his lead, what are you gonna do, throw a bugle at him? I loved my lead. I was able to get a few nice runs of some fast notes I've been working on.
  • Candyman had the distraction of the first sighting of the mouse. Kevin' was the only won who saw it. He jumped and his bass rattled but it was Johnny who spread the rumor and subsequent panic. There was some question soon after about the validity of the mouse sighting.
  • Getting tired. Gonna try to jot a few notes down without too much thought to remember and hopefully I'll get back to complete the picture.
  • El Paso - mouse sightings confirmed.
  • Brown-Eyed moved nicely
  • Crazy->Playing, excellent transition into it for us. I was playing some of my better Jerry bends during the verses. Coming out of jam was incomplete we didn't go the the second part of the riff prior to the Back Into Playing Outburst.
Half Time Eating Comments:
  • Pronto Pizza - Sausage and pepperoni pie, extraneous slices. Knots that were worthy, super hot and glowing dough. Enough Pronto. Menu isn't extensive enough.
  • I brought snacks. Cans of Dr. Pepper and Coke. Coffee cakes, doughnuts, Reeses cups, cherry pies, pretzels, bugles, lifesavers
Second Set Comments:
  • Great Estimated. Dedicated to Penny for taking care of my finger during the day. Offering me her husband's shirt, which I declined. "Don't worry about me know"
  • The transition into Eyes was bad but the Eyes moved nicely through 2 of the 3 verses. By the third verse it died but it was great while it danced and bopped.
  • Miracle was a mistake. I shouldn't have pushed for it.
  • I like So Many Roads but it wasn't sufficient to end the night
  • I was glad when Scott started to Good Lovin' A good ending, it wakes you up for the long ride home. He started with the 1970 beginning, I took control and almost pulled it off.
  • Weather was steady in the room and not an issue but beautiful for the ride home with the windows and sunroof open.
    General Comments
Talk it up. Be nice. please say something or I will loose my desire to write these things up. Fill in the deatils, the fun little stories that I cannot remember. The little things like Allison calling exactly as the last note of the first set ends

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Date: 10/9/97
Time: 8:50:57 AM


I am laughing my ass off. It's amazing how funny anything with the word "mouse" in it is...funny now, but not so funny when those little vermin bastards are 18" away from scurrying up your leg and gnawing a hole in your loins. It's war. I know the odds seem to be against us (thousands of them, 8 of us) but with glue and poison, we will prevail. Large tape mishap; I have somebody else's 1st set--and it's not this week's 1st set. It's from a couple of weeks ago (Mr. Charlie?) anybody know how or why I have this? The residual damage from last nite's jam is extensive. I am losing my resiliency, I'm becoming brittle. I had a long conversation with Spillboy last nite. Man, he sure belongs with us. He is an Exponential-Freak. God bless him (and he does). Freakboy : no dancing, just running away.

Name: Jonathan Long
Date: 10/10/97
Time: 10:52:17 AM


Wow! Seven years. Can you believe it? The Deadstein train keeps on a rollin'. The way I see it, it ain't gonna end. It'll kind of be like the real band. They kept going until kind Jerry passed on. I enjoyed the Estimated Eyes big time. Until Mickey (and I'm not talking about the freaky drumming guy we all now know and love) made his third appearance of the night. Poetry time!

Ode to a New York City mouse

Times Square Lights Everywhere What does a mouse care?

Sounds are loud. Quite a large crowd. But he's not in a shroud

He's not concealed. But, oh how he'll squeel. When we catch him in the wheel of life.

The band is extremely comfortable, even with our rodent friends running around. Every song has big time potential to go over the top. I enjoyed the way Kevy played a consistent sentence on the Estimated. It enabled the intensity of the jam to grow. Way to go Kevy. On the eighth-note technique, I'd like to keep two key words in mind : precision and fluidity. I'm not saying that I have not been enjoying your results or that you have not been improving. On the contrary, I've been rather pleased with your work lately. I'd just like you to keep these two words in mind. Scotty likes to take my mike. That's OK. As long as Scotty's happy, I'm happy.

Name: Scott
Date: 10/10/97
Time: 10:04:42 PM


Nice Garcia Band rendering above. Not bad poetry freakboy. I like it. Anniversary jam was full of lots of surprises. The biggest goes to Mighty Mouse who was blasted out by Kev bombs, and boy did he get back at Kev. It sounded like the strings on his bass popped off the frett board. Lets not forget freakboys reaction. He wore the rubber off his sneakers from running so fast upstairs. To try and put an end to these unexpected visits ISS Exterminators will be down on Monday. As for the rest of the night it was waaaaayyyy goooooddd. Hope the Ginds finger is healing quickly. And Johnny, thanks for sharing.

Name: Scott
Date: 10/13/97
Time: 9:54:17 PM


I dig the Golden Slumbers. Nice touch!!! No exterminator today. Lets get em in b/4 the jam. See you all tomorrow.

Date: 4/6/01
Time: 12:51:48 PM



Name: kiersten
Date: 4/6/01
Time: 12:53:21 PM


Name: kiersten
Date: 4/6/01
Time: 12:55:43 PM


oops im sorry, i didn't no we were suppose to write good things. please do not qui your job, mighty mouse is my ital!! just forget about what i wrote last time!

Date: 4/6/01
Time: 12:57:24 PM


but you really should change your music ;P

Name: Dezarae
Date: 4/23/01
Time: 9:57:23 AM


Your site sucks! you have the worst site in the world I mean what are you supposed to do at this site anyway!@#$%^&*()

Name: Dezarae
Date: 4/23/01
Time: 9:59:31 AM