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First Set
  • Jack Straw
  • Loser
  • Minglewood Blues
  • Birdsong
Second SetS
  • Shakedown Street
  • Big Railroad Blues
  • Throwing Stones
  • Deal

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The Wubbulous World Of Freak
  • Kevin and RichIt was a hot, freaky night highlighted by the presence of Steele, who made the bold move to come down to us before we made the move Uptown. There was involved going on that night. Dennis and Riley were back in the room for the first time in a long time. We knew we were in for a freakfest.
  • It is difficult to remember what went on so long ago. It is the 8 days since that jam happened. It is hard enough remember it two seconds after it happens. If anyone recalls any of this jam, please post it for prosperity’s sake. indicated that petition
First Set Comments:

Hanging out with the boys

  • Loser was really powerful and probably the best song of the night. It could have been one of our best Losers.
  • I recall Larry B. being somewhat disappointed with the Birdsong. It was either no good, or just it sucked because it was the last song of another "snipeated" set..
  • I liked the Minglewood Blues. This song has been getting better recently.
Half Time Comments:
  • Steel had his first experience with Flourent. Cheese burgers and fries that are as good as you can get. I ate before hand and only had a pecan pie. Johnny had to run back for three pies they jipped us on. He graciously did so to all of our benefits.
Second Set Comments: Brrp! Ahhh! Help me! Are we really going to play? Boy it's cold in the studio. I want dessert! What are we going to cut out? Shit, I wished I washed my hands. My eye is bulging out of my socket. Damn us to Hell!
  • The second set was very difficult to play after the halftime consumption. I recall feeling like Kevin during the entire second set.
  • I was shocked when Larry started the Deal, I had no clue that was coming up. I always like being surprised like that.
  • Clouds
    General Comments
Talk it up. Be nice. please say something or I will loose my desire to write these things up. Fill in the deatils, the fun little stories that I cannot remember. The little things like Allison calling exactly as the last note of the first set ends

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Name: Menaker
Date: 7/20/97
Time: 3:36:13 AM


I recall Dennis bar-b-queing 3 different kinds of meat: Suasage, chicken and steak. Typicall Dennis style, no bread, no side dishes and no utensils. David (Tony Orlando) did have a pocket knife. Dennis cookrd the meat, then placed it back into the same raw juices it had marinated in prior to cooking. Dennis laughed at the notion of bacteria related illnesses. 20 pounds of chicken and we ordered in from florent?

Name: Larry G.
Date: 7/20/97
Time: 9:47:35 AM


I had a chunk of Dennis' Botchalism-Beef. It was tasty but it is the sort of thing you pay for not only in the morning but the rest of your life.

I recall Tony Orlando taking full credit for our name Deadstein. We all agreed to let him think tha if he wanted to. It's nice to throw someone a bone every now and then, especially when it doesn't contain any marinaed bacteria.

Name: Jonathan Long
Date: 7/21/97
Time: 9:15:57 AM


Larry M. and Larry G.,

I love your comments. They make me laugh. The "bacteria related meat" is great stuff. Steele's presence gave the rum many degrees of increase of intensity level. Woo!

Name: keith m
Date: 7/31/97
Time: 1:07:54 PM


after returning from the jam Steele was very cookies. I had to drive him to the emergenncy room to get the Cheddarwurst surgically removed from his nostrils.

Steele's roommate

Name: steele
Date: 8/15/97
Time: 7:01:00 PM