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First Set
  • Aiko-Aiko
  • Jack Straw
  • Direwolf
  • Mexicali Blues->
  • Mama tried
  • West LA Fadeaway
  • It's All Over Now
  • Friend of the Devil
Second Set
  • Passenger
  • Estimated Prophet->
  • Crazy Fingers
  • Days Between
  • Sugar MagnoliaDaybreak on the Land

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Kevin's Orogonal Set List Write Up
Next Jam: Rumor is Wednesday the 14th but check with Larry B.
  • We ended the jam 10 minutes early which got me home by 12:00, just in time for the Knick replay of game 1 of the Miami Heat playoffs series. It will be fun watching the game as I write this posting. Its currently tied approaching the end of the first quarter but the Knicks look okay so far.
  • The only guest in the room was Johnny's freaky Canadian compadre, Barbara Campbell, from Mitsubishi. Johnny and Barbara left by the end of the Mitsubishi taking over the west, starting with Canada.first set to catch the second half of the Knick game in real time. They returned after the game just in time for the second set. It was pretty funny because after the Passenger, to start the second set, I said good-bye to Barbara because I heard her mumble that she was going to hang out for just one more song. Little did she know that we would not stop until the end of Sugar Magnolia. She didn't get the opportunity to scadattle out of the room until she interrupted the Sugar Mag prior to the Sunshine Daydream by saying good-bye.
  • There was no Rich Brotman once again, is there any confirmation that he is alive?
First Set Comments:
  • Traffic at the toll boothDue to significant traffic, forty minutes at the Holland Tunnel, I walked in on the Aiko-Aiko already under progress with Dennis at the helm.
  • The Jack Straw was a bit sluggish
  • The Direwolf was properly played but was also sluggish. Menaker described it as thrashing through it.
  • Mexicali also had its problems establishing a groove, but I though it was an improvement over the previous songs.
  • Larry B. transitioned well into the Mama Tries and we were pretty solid.
  • The West LA was the first song we had with a sly slinky groove. I had a wacky slide thing going in concert with the phaser I was using. I actually listened to it on the way home, which I never do, because I was scared about hearing a Knick score on the radio. The West LA was good. I had very low left channel on the tape, I wonder if it was the D5 or on everyone's tape.
  • All Over Now was fair
  • The Devil was weak.
  • We were all tuned and raring to go with the Passenger but the Pizza Bill came and we had to honor them. Instead we reserved, and shuffled, the passenger into the second set.
  • Knicks up by two with in the second but should be doing better with Hardaway and Alonzo on the bench with 3 fouls a piece.
Half Time Comments:
  • Memphis Trio Pizza - Sal (who else)After paying the Bill, dinner was okay.
  • The Memphis Trio was a modest order in Deadstein terms. We had one pie and two stombolis. That's it. Assorted Dr. Peppers and Snapples.
  • For dessert Larry M. and Scott went to the new, up -and-coming Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, on 23rd Street. Everyone loved these things but me. We got a wide assortment of an undisclosed quantity of doughnuts. Krispy and KremeyThe glazed came right off of the dripping conveyor mechanism and were hot. They were like doughnuts I have never had before and I'm not sure I liked them. To me, these hot ones were like biting into a warm, sugar coated glop of Crisco shortening. Hot Pizza, Try the Rest, Not the BestThe powdered dunking type of doughnut was the best I had. I thought the jelly was a bite too greasy. I hear there we great things about the blueberry varieties we had. The chocolate covered creams, sprinkled ones and chocolate glazed capped off the feast fit for a Simpson. I'm sure we will be hearing more a bout Krispy Kreme in the future.
  • We had some phone stuff going on during half time. To start, Kevin's burping conversation with Allison was classic. What else can he say? Kevin also took a message from Debbie M. and spilled the beans on Larry M's escapades at a doughnut store. Enough to make a loving wife jealous. In addition, it took Kevin a good four minutes to tell Larry that Debbie called after he got back from the bakery of ill-repute.
  • Knicks down by 2 half way through the third and it's ugly basketball on both sides of the court. My prediction is that they will win.
Second Set Comments: Brrp! Ahhh! Help me! Are we really going to play? Boy it's cold in the studio. I want dessert! What are we going to cut out? Shit, I wished I washed my hands. My eye is bulging out of my socket. Damn us to Hell!
  • For me te Passenger was the highlight of the night. I felt good, the song was powerful, consistent and we all clicked.
  • This is probably the first Estimated we played since I have been using Kevin's phaser and as soon as I played the first chord, it sounded great. Probably the best implementation of Kevin's phaser. The Passenger is also correct with this effect.
  • The transition into the Fingers was quite beautiful until we actually attempted to start the song. Overall the Crazy Fingers was pretty good.
  • The Days Between was tough to see. We all had to read it and it was small. With the E flats and B flats and what seemed like many verses, made for a challenge.
  • The Sugar Mag rocked. Kevin and Larry wanted to blow off the Sunshine Daydream, the rest of us didn't so we played it but we should not have.
  • Knicks up by 5 with 2:35 left in the third and on a roll.
  • CloudsThe Room felt perfect and weather was not an issue. The weather outside is very cold and blustery for a May 7th.
  • Alan Houston on Fire in the second half and Knick up by 11 with 10:00 left in the fourth. Knicks win in dominating fashion.
    General Comments
Talk it up. Be nice. please say something or I will loose my desire to write these things up. Fill in the deatils, the fun little stories that I cannot remember. The little things like Allison calling exactly as the last note of the first set ends

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Name: Menaker
Date: 5/7/97
Time: 11:47:38 PM


Hot Donuts!

Date: 5/8/97
Time: 8:05:50 AM


Precious insight to Freakboy's daily reality was leaked by Barbara, the guest from Mitsubishi. Certain mind-blowing facts were learned about Freakboy's role in "normal" society. It seems that the inability to put two sentences together, psychedelically soaked synapses, poor personal hygiene, and being hyper-annoying are qualities held in high esteem in corporate Japan. The Japanese banking community regard Freakboy A.V.P. as a "pitbull" and "jump when he barks". This revelation makes me question the relevance of the universe itself. Can God's sense of humor be that twisted? On the other hand, you have to admire Freakboy's good fortune in finding a place in the unkind world where he can not only make a living and survive, but prosper and command the respect his colleagues. It's a nutty world out there.

Name: Menaker
Date: 5/8/97
Time: 9:53:42 AM


Gindoff made the first set sound like quite the struggle. It shouldn't have been. I'm playing alone with Deadstein on Wednesday. Don't call coffee boy or any other drummers, that will piss me off beyond correction. We'll try playing in the intimate "on the floor" close together thing that I mentioned (why Scott disagreed with this, even though he will be absent, confuses me) Rest up! Kevy, write a set list with more cowboy tunes, ie: Cumberland.. I'll be off the following 2 weeks after that, plan accordingly.

Name: KMC
Date: 5/8/97
Time: 9:54:55 AM


Kudos for the pages. It is really good. Although one request. Please play Ripple next time you jam. The song has been running in my mind all day yesterday.

Name: Jonathan
Date: 5/8/97
Time: 10:00:04 AM


How about this posting job by the Gind. He continuously outdoes himself. We are the beneficiaries of this. Thank you Larry. May Scotty and the Gind enjoy their respective jaunts halfway across the world.

Date: 5/8/97
Time: 10:16:42 AM


No one wants to commit an uncorrectable piss-off...won't you be the one who needs the rest?

Name: Barbara Campbell
Date: 5/8/97
Time: 11:58:13 AM


Thanks guys for the chance to sit in on the jam...dynamite music..great company...wicked senses of humour(please note that is spelled in canadianese!). All of you deserve a slap on the back..hmmmm...maybe not...donut guy will get sick!!..(just kidding!!) Bob Hope sings..."Thanks for the Memories" time i will sit through the whole set without splitting for a game...splendiferous graphics..I love the home page!!!!!!